Mountain Floral

Asheville, North Carolina


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Rachel Brownlee

I began working with flowers in high-school (this was a long time ago) on an organic flower farm in central Pennsylvania. It was there I discovered a passion for gardening and the diverse world of plants while learning the trade of flower arranging for special occasions and weddings. 

So many years later, I find myself just as fascinated and excited to be working with flowers, in every season, from my property in Western North Carolina.

A majority of the material I use is grown here on site, without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Surrounding farms supplement much of the remainder, allowing designs to reflect the region and variety within the seasons.

Specialty grasses, pods, herbs and even branches of seasonal fruit can find their way into Mountain Floral designs. Traditional styles are celebrated here too. All orders are crafted with the recipient at heart.

Floral arranging is and always has been such satisfying work. Being able to bring the beauty of the garden into life's special moments is the deepest honor.