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Coffee & Flower Subscription

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Mountain Floral is excited to announce a coffee and flower subscription in collaboration with Incite Coffee Co. Locally roasted coffee and locally grown blooms just seemed too good a match to ignore.

Asheville's Incite Coffee Co. has a mission to empower woman coffee growers across the globe, beginning with the producers of North Sumatra and Peru.

"Women are the backbone of the speciality coffee industry. They do the majority of the field work, harvesting, and cultivating of the crop. Despite this hard work, women typically do not own land, lead co-ops, or make the decisions about how their coffee is exported and sold. Incite Coffee Company is dedicated to empowering these hard working women by showcasing coffee from women owned and operated farms and co-ops. Incite Change. Incite Equality."

Mountain Floral believes in Incite's mission and supports efforts to connect fellow women-powered businesses and producers. All Mountain Floral cut flowers are grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals, and provide our precious pollinator community a safe place to thrive.

You can support these efforts too, and enjoy delicious coffee and fresh blooms each month. Click here to join.

Together we are better.

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